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280 Triads.

4 down. 276 to go.

The Enneagram shines a light on some truths about the different ways people experience and engage with the world.

Of course, saying that a person is just one thing that fits into one neat category is insufficient. One of the major ways types expand out is by looking at groups of three. We find truth by looking at each trio of types, their similarities and their differences. But eventually we see similarities and differences that are complimentary to ideas found in different trios. Once we find three trios that share a common idea, we are able to create from them a group which we call triads.

Significant thinking has been done to come up with some of the core triads which work to explain really big ideas. So much work has been done that when we compare types through these lenses, more truth is uncovered. The question we want to answer is how much is left to discover.

There are only 280 possible ways we can combine three groups of three.

The goal is to encourage and collect thinking around new triads. When possible, information will be added that shows connections between everything. Larger ideas around human needs, struggles, and existing psychology will be added to the pages on the site.

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