Circle of Concern

This triad is a work in progress.

It may have a technical explanation of how the triads are linked but needs further development to explain the underlying cause.


How each type sees the connectedness of everything.

Local 157

Primarily interested in individuals. Type 1 is concerned with individual behavior, 5 observes what's going on around but avoids getting too involved, and 7 is focused on their immediate conditions.

Tribal 236

Primarily interested in the groups they are participants in. Type 2 focuses on their relationships, 3 is focused on the value systems of their groups, and 6 is interested the security authorities and systems can give them.

Societal 489

Primarily interested in larger systems. Type 4 is aware of how deeply individuals are impacted by everything, 8 focuses on the big picture particularly on power and control, and 9 focuses on avoiding conflict and achieving harmony.