Types Span
3 Intelligence Centers

Read more about the Tritype®[1], EnneaSite's Trifixes[2], and Enneagrammer's Trifix Nicknames[3] for this trio.

  1. Katherine Chernick Fauvre

    If you are a 125, you are very diligent, caring, and knowledgeable. You want to be ethical, helpful, and wise. You are very idealistic and see what needs to be done and the simple and effective ways to do it. You are intensely private but care about people. You seek practical systems and procedures to measure results and effectiveness.

  2. EnneaSite by David Gray

    The cerebral friend, the ethical scholar, the charitable expert, the privy analyst.

  3. These are the three fixes that “know better/more” than you do, and they’re happy to tell you that.

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