Types Span
3 Intelligence Centers

Read more about the Tritype®[1], EnneaSite's Trifixes[2], and Enneagrammer's Trifix Nicknames[3] for this trio.

  1. Katherine Chernick Fauvre

    If you are a 379, you are ambitious, innovative, and accepting. You want to be focused, upbeat, and peaceful. You like people and are outgoing even if you are shy. You are easygoing and seek comfort but strive for success and a feeling of personal importance. You are identified with what you do and achieve but are diplomatic, friendly, and kind in your approach.

  2. EnneaSite by David Gray

    The collective smile, the robust enthusiast, the ringmaster.

  3. BHE has called this trifix the DJ which I love, but I tend to think The Sex somehow hits it more on the head; the three fixes that are exhibitionistic; natural sex appeal; the sense that clothes could come off at any second and it’s not a big deal; bodies are “fun”.

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