Types Span
3 Intelligence Centers

Read more about the Tritype®[1], EnneaSite's Trifixes[2], and Enneagrammer's Trifix Nicknames[3] for this trio.

  1. Katherine Chernick Fauvre

    If you are a 468, you are intuitive, inquisitive, and protective. You want to be original, certain, and straightforward. You are highly sensitive and emotional. You track inconsistencies and are like the ‘canary in the coal mine,’ calling off hidden agendas, deception, and ulterior motives. You are very intense and can, at times, be overly emotional and reactive.

  2. EnneaSite by David Gray

    The portent, the harbinger of doom, the incendiary truth, the blood fire.

  3. All you need to do is pull the pin and this trifix explodes.

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