Types Span
3 Intelligence Centers

Read more about the Tritype®[1], EnneaSite's Trifixes[2], and Enneagrammer's Trifix Nicknames[3] for this trio.

  1. Katherine Chernick Fauvre

    If you are a 146, you are diligent, intuitive, and inquisitive. You want to be ethical, original, and certain. Morally focused, you have strong emotions and are inclined to voice your feelings and intuitions. You care deeply and want to help others improve their lives and the expectations they have of themselves.

  2. EnneaSite by David Gray

    The frustrated preacher, the masochistic idealist, the tortured utopian, the grievance collector, the critical eye, the fervent judge, the romance of martyrdom, the vehement mind, the passionate sharp, the wet precision.

  3. The three fixes that want to judge you.

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